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Jeremiah Plaskett and James Willard with Byteworks, and Robert Minskoff with Minskoff Growth Strategies

Steven Julian, Robert Minskoff, James Williard, Jeremiah Plaskett, Mike Sammond

Steven Julian, Robert Minskoff, James Willard, Jeremiah Plaskett, Mike Sammond

Jeremiah Plaskett & James Willard/Byteworks

Byteworks is an agile IT services provider comprised of technology experts that truly love what they do. Their engineers are technology evangelists who enthusiastically share ideas and inspire their customers by showing them new ways that technology can solve their problems. They are not driven by sales, but by design. They do not sell products to fix a problem; rather they evaluate their customers’ needs and recommend the most effective and cost-efficient solutions to address both their immediate needs and their vision for the future. They are driven to create long-term relationships with their customers, to become a partner in their growth and evolution as a company.

Robert Minskoff/Minskoff Growth Strategies

Minskoff Growth Strategies is a sales consulting company specializing in helping B2B companies identify, contact, and engage their best prospects as to help shorten the sales cycle and expedite the conversion of prospect to customer. Minskoff Growth Strategies specializes in lead generation, lead nurturing, training and strategic sales consulting.

Adam Gaslowitz and Craig Frankel with Gaslowitz Frankel LLC

Mike Sammond, Craig Frankel, Adam Gaslowitz, Brandon Keever

Mike Sammond, Craig Frankel, Adam Gaslowitz, Brandon Keever

Adam Gaslowitz & Craig Frankel/Gaslowitz Frankel LLC

Gaslowitz Frankel LLC is an experienced trial practice firm specializing in all aspects of complex fiduciary litigation, representing individuals, companies, banks, and fiduciaries in will, trust and estate disputes; investor and financial advisor disputes; shareholder/partnership disputes; contract disputes; complex commercial disputes; and appeals.

To view a special “behind the scenes” video of the interview with Adam Gaslowitz and Craig Frankel, CLICK HERE.

Nick Bryant with Welcomemat Services

Mike Sammond, Nick Bryant, Steven Julian

Mike Sammond, Nick Bryant, Steven Julian

Nick Bryant/Welcomemat Services

Welcomemat Services is a marketing strategies and technology company providing monthly direct mail packages to individuals and families who have recently changed their address. Their welcoming program is designed to target new residents when they move into an area by presenting them with invitations to try various businesses and organizations, helping them get acclimated to their new surroundings.

Greta Cairns with PlatformOne/Vibe HCM and Ken Kingery with Mosaic Corporation

Mike Sammond, Greta Cairns, Ken Kingery, Steven Julian

Mike Sammond, Greta Cairns, Ken Kingery, Steven Julian

Greta Cairns/PlatformOne & Vibe HCM

PlatformOne is an innovator and leader in the delivery of Human Resources Solutions. For over a quarter of a century, their mission has been to assist their customers in advancing employee care, reducing costs and increasing shareholder worth through high performance HR services and technology.

The Vibe HCM Solution is a comprehensive human capital management suite that delivers complete HR payroll and benefits administration, talent management, performance management, on-boarding and ESS/MSS service delivery solutions in a highly personalized, interactive and socially collaborative web-based setting. Vibe’s technology helps increase employee engagement by providing a “groovy cool” front end that is both user-friendly and aligned with a company’s business workflow so it can enhance the employee experience and provide efficiencies in managing the administration of an organization’s human capital.

Ken Kingery/Mosaic Corporation

Mosaic Corporation is an Atlanta based company that focuses exclusively on paperless document and content management solutions. They specialize in the transition from “paper based” (manual) work processes to more efficient “paperless” operation with the overall goal of improving business results. Their success stems from an understanding of cultural adoption challenges and their ability to bridge to new and improved methods of operation through education, training and practical application.

Their competency also reaches into a wide variety of general business applications for imaging including accounting, HR, Operations and much more. They also provide customized solutions for many segments. Visit Mosaic “Industry Solutions” on their website for information relating to key vertical markets benefiting from their experience.

INDIGO INSIGHTS: Corey Moore with ProNetworker

Corey Moore, Indigo Triplett

Corey Moore, Indigo Triplett

INDIGO INSIGHTS is presented by Careers in Transition and hosted by accomplished business leader Indigo Triplett, a CEO, author, speaker and philanthropist. Indigo’s dynamic personality and irrefutable expertise is the reputation that precedes her. As the CEO of Careers In Transition, Inc., she leads the successful Human Resources consulting firm that provides wise strategies for performance and productivity. From the Federal Government to Fortune 500 Corporations, Careers In Transition helps organizations attract, develop and retain employees for improved results. As a renowned Speaker, Indigo is hilariously honest and refreshingly blunt, giving a professional twist that captures her audience’s imagination and inspires their spirit. She’s effective because she speaks from real-world experience as a businesswoman who built a successful career and business brick-by-brick with trials and lessons learned that she unselfishly shares with audiences with transparency and candor. Audiences leave with a renewed sense of hope and empowerment to live their passion and manage their career based on feeling as if she spoke to them personally.

Today’s Guest:

Corey Moore/ProNetworker

ProNetworker is a centralized resource center for business events; networking events, seminars, expos, workshops, lunch & learns, and more. Their mission is to provide resources to sales professionals that enables and encourages business growth through face to face networking. They believe that relationships are cemented with the good old fashion “hand shake”. This foundation promotes long-term stability and growth.

Companies today are always looking for more and creative ways to better connect with their clients. Many have found that an event is a great way to bridge this gap. Interacting with a client outside of the normal office setting shows the versatility of a company. Face to face engagement with a client strengthens the relationship and promotes loyalty. Events are the perfect solution.

Not only is ProNetworker a resource center for events, they are active in other aspects of events. Their expertise includes Event Creation, Event Hosting/Managing and Event Consulting.


Kile Lewis with oXYGen Financial, Paul Kendig with Dinova and Mike Haswell with Storing Treasures

Mike Sammond, Kile Lewis, Paul Kendig, Mike Haswell, Steven Julian

Mike Sammond, Kile Lewis, Paul Kendig, Mike Haswell, Steven Julian

Kile Lewis/oXYGen Financial

What’s the scoop about oXYGen Financial? “Guitar Hero” is to a financial services firm what a treasure chest full of toys is to a dentist’s chair: it doesn’t change the office operation, but at least it makes you quit yer snivelin’. Face it, kids, we all have to do our financial planning and our income taxes unless we want to get cavities. No, wait. That’s not it. We all have to do taxes lest we end up like Wesley Snipes. The way they see it at oXYGen Financial, you might as well have financial advisors that are not only good at planning your future, but also deliver your experience with a twist of fun… and an oxygen bar in the lobby just in case you need a last-minute happy boost before you get down to business with them.

oXYGen Financial is a full service family office offering financial services for the X and Y generations. Their mission is to help clients breathe easier about life by providing financial advice, wealth management, insurance, group benefits and tax and accounting services. oXYGen Financial also offers coordination of legal services and concierge services. They aren’t your parent’s firm, but oXYGen Financial can help you breathe easier… and it will feel a lot less like having teeth pulled. Take a spin today!

Paul Kendig/Dinova

Dinova brings corporations and restaurants together in a formal business relationship. Their corporations dine at the preferred restaurants that are on the program.

Mike Haswell/Storing Treasures

Storing Treasures is dedicated to providing new and unique options regarding financial coaching. Rather than assuming everyone responds to handling finances in the same manner, Storing Treasures recognizes each person’s unique financial personality regarding money. The Financial Personality Assessment is the cornerstone of the entire Storing Treasures program. Our financial personalities are driven by specific traits that define how we think and how we behave financially.  In order to reach many more people with the Storing Treasures approach, they have developed a new web-based program called STAFF (Storing Treasures Automated Financial Foundation). STAFF is a unique, one of a kind educational platform designed to provide the user with a personalized plan. It is an 8 session course that allows the individual to learn about educational topics and then input their own information into a secure environment. Individuals can then get a personalized report, based on their own financial personality, that they can use time and time again.  Once you understand how you and those around you are wired from a financial standpoint, you can make better decisions that will ultimately lead to better communication, lower debt, higher savings and improvement in your finances.

Storing Treasures promotes this program to employers, financial professionals, churches and non-profits as a way for these organizations to provide a new program for those they serve.  Statistics show the incredible amount of time people worry about their finances in any given day… leading to stress-related illnesses, absenteeism and a lack of productivity. Your organization will become stronger by offering a way for people to get the basic financial help and support they need…. helping them become a better employee.

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