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Dr. Bill Lampton with Championship Communication and Sally Buchanan with Creative Community Services

Mike Sammond, Paula Fine, Bill Lampton, Sally Buchanan, Steven Julian

Mike Sammond, Paula Fine, Bill Lampton, Sally Buchanan, Steven Julian

Dr. Bill Lampton/Championship Communication

Formed in 1997, Championship Communication – based in Gainesville, Georgia – has served top tier clients including Gillette, Duracell, Procter & Gamble, Ritz Carlton Cancun, British Columbia Legal Management Association, the Missouri Bar, and the University of Georgia Athletic Association. Dr. Lampton provides keynote speeches, directs seminars, and helps companies identify and find solutions to their communication problems. Additionally, he trains people on how to produce top quality videos with their i-Pad cameras. Google ranks him constantly among the top three Speech Coaches in Georgia. His presentation topics cover communication, sales, customer service, and motivation. His motto: “Helping You Finish in First Place!”

Sally Buchanan/Creative Community Services

Creative Community Services is a nonprofit organization that improves the quality of life for children, teens and adults with developmental disabilities and mental health needs, and their families, by providing direct services and community-based support throughout the state of Georgia.

Richard Young with Farmers Insurance and Kyle Glave with NOVAtime Technology

Kyle Glave, Richard Young, Steven Julien, Mike Sammond

Kyle Glave, Richard Young, Steven Julian, Mike Sammond

Richard Young/Farmers Insurance

As your personal agent, Richard Young believes in keeping you informed and aware of Farmers Insurance products. It is his mission to help you develop the right plans to meet your insurance needs. Through dedication, knowledge and a tireless work ethic, Richard will be the agent that his customers will want to send their friends and families to. He will strive to protect his clients’ assets.

Kyle Glave/NOVAtime Technology

In 1999, NOVAtime Technology was founded with the mission to continually research and develop the capabilities of Workforce Management solutions. Driven by forward-thinking people and the latest advances in technology, NOVAtime has gained recognition as a technical leader of the industry and is now one of the largest Time and Attendance providers in the United States. Our solutions automate and simplify time and resource management through the use of innovative technology that controls labor costs and promotes the growth of business.

Maria de la Guardia with Assisted Living Locators and Luis Hernandez with Regus Business Centers

Mike Sammond, Maria de la Guardia, Luis Hernandez, Steven Julian

Mike Sammond, Maria de la Guardia, Luis Hernandez, Steven Julian

Maria de la Guardia/Assisted Living Locators

Assisted Living Locators is a free service for seniors and their families to help explore and understand elder care options, senior housing and resources. They will be at your side advocating for you and helping you feel comfortable and “at home” with the decision you make. They are locally owned and operated and experts at what they do.

Luis Hernandez/Regus Business Centers

Regus is the world’s largest global provider of flexible workspace with 1,800 locations in 600 cities in 100 countries. They help more than a million customers work more effectively – to work their way – every day. Their products and services allow their customers to concentrate on their core business, and use their talents to best effect. Whether it’s a larges global corporate business or an entrepreneur with an idea, Regus helps businesses and individuals be more flexible, more cost-effective and more agile – and better able to face the unexpected challenges of business in the 21st century.

Young Authors from West Jackson Middle School

Mike Sammond, Young Authors from West Jackson Middle School, Melinda Wallace

Mike Sammond, Young Authors from West Jackson Middle School, Melinda Wallace

Young Authors from West Jackson Middle School (Jefferson, GA)

Young authors from Ms. Melinda Wallace’s 6th grade class at West Jackson Elementary School were interviewed on this special edition of Gwinnett Business Radio.

All of the students participated in the Young Writers Program division of National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. The challenge of NaNoWriMo was to write a 50,000 word novel (or meet their individual word count goal) during the month of November. The students were allowed to plan or design characters and plots or storylines up until then, but could not write a single word of their story until November 1st, and all had to be done by the end of the month. Students who successfully completed the challenge got to work with CreateSpace to publish their books on Amazon.

Rich Lockhart and Jeff Ely with Magnolia Golf Group, Zachary Bennett with Reformation Productions, Justin Williams with Williams and Williams Law Firm, Carl Odendahl with Pilgrim Mat Services

Rich Lockhart, Jeff Ely, Carl Odendahl, Justin Williams, Zachary Bennett

Rich Lockhart, Jeff Ely, Carl Odendahl, Justin Williams, Zachary Bennett

Rich Lockhart & Jeff Ely/Magnolia Golf Group

Magnolia Golf Group helps golf tournaments and other special events meet and exceed their fundraising goals and create memorable experiences for their attendees.

Zachary Bennett/Reformation Productions

Reformation Productions is a full service marketing agency focused on helping small and regional sized business grow through using proven, professional marketing techniques and strategies tailored to the specific business to provide the most effective creative possible and the most efficient use of their marketing budgets.

Justin Williams/Williams and Williams Law Firm

Williams and Williams Law Firm is based in the north Atlanta metro area and serves it’s clients in the areas of DUI defense and personal injury. A father and son firm, they are dedicated to providing the community with passionate understanding and dedication to their cases; wisdom from their experience, research, and education; and the results that matter most to their clients. This team of lawyers is fearless in trial and yet fully engaged in client service.

Carl Odendahl/Pilgrim Mat Services

Pilgrim Mats is a facility services company specializing in customized safety floor mat rental for all types of business.  They are also a full-service commercial laundry focusing on textile rental and washroom supplies.

John Lehmberg with Make It Loud and Marques Burnett with The Sports Utility Vehicle


Mike Sammond, Marques Burnett, John Lehmberg, Steven Julian

Mike Sammond, Marques Burnett, John Lehmberg, Steven Julian

John Lehmberg/Make It Loud

Make It Loud is a marketing company specializing in digital marketing. They provide web design, search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, printing, and other marketing services, primarily for small and medium sized businesses. Make It Loud is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and recently won the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce’s Pinnacle Award and the Small Business of the Year award.

Marques Burnett/The Sports Utility Vehicle

The SUV fuses live webcasts, sponsorship development and special projects to drive results for teams, events and brands in the world of sports. They pride themselves on doing things big and small to maximize the results of each group’s experience when it comes to sports content, its consumption, and the audience involved.