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Curated Collection Of The Best Interviews From Our Gwinnett Studio

Dennis Daniels with Renaissance Executive Forums, Chef Monique Powell with Elite Cuisines, Chef Hank Reid with HGR Culinary Engineers and Torey Rose with You’re Sew Special

Dennis Daniels/Renaissance Executive Forums

Renaissance Executive Forums brings together the top executives from non-competing companies of similar size, into a peer advisory board process, whereby thousands of leaders gain fresh ideas and new insights that produce tangible improvements in their business results. They believe “you don’t have to go it alone”.

Chef Monique Powell/Elite Cuisines

Elite Cuisines is a unique Catering and Personal Chef Service. They provide a selection of services including catering, personal chef, cooking classes and express meals. Their passion for food and elite services sets them ahead of the rest. Delighting the palate, stimulating the body, and tantalizing even the most conservative taste, their intriguing menus take you on a culinary journey. They use the freshest ingredients available, carefully pair unique food items, and use unique seasonings and spice combinations.

Chef Hank Reid/HGR Culinary Engineers

HGR Culinary Engineers is an organization with a purpose to lead and organize start-up restaurants and food service concepts.

Hank Reid is the Founder and Executive Director of Trinity Community Culinary Institutes, Inc. a non-profit organization with a purpose to establish an educational and creative learning program, offering classroom instruction, seminars, workshops and employment training to the local community in a recreational environment in the area of Culinary Arts. The foundation of TCCI is strengthened upon the desire to support the everyday challenges parents face to help their young adult sons and daughters transition into self-sufficient, productive adults.

Torey Rose/You’re Sew Special

YSS Athletics emerged from a challenge presented to Torey Rose after years of dealing with athletic uniforms that were late, wrong or didn’t fit her players. Her school principal challenged her to make her own uniforms. That challenge developed into a specialized company where uniforms are custom-designed and custom-fitted. YSS is starting its 20th year in business with Torey as the President and CEO and has grown from an athletic apparel company to include other types of apparel. The mission at YSS is to take the pain out of their clients’ lives.

LUCRATIVE LADIES: Celebrating Our Success (May 23, 2013)

Kristen Hansen, Jeanne' Smith, Theresa Conklin, Durenda Wood, Stacey Gross, Noel Howell, Marie Fratoni

Noel Howard & Kristen Hansen/Jasmine Jones

Jasmine Jones, LLC is an intimate apparel company with a passion to see every woman discover her beauty and strength. They believe lingerie builds confidence that ignites a healthy love life. They would love for marriages to be renewed and refreshed through this inspiration. Book a party and enjoy a night with the girls that is filled with laughter, fun and encouragement!

Durenda Wood/Computer Construction Company

Durenda Wood, owner of Computer Construction Company, specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the art of manipulating code and text on a web page to show up in the search engines. Their obsession is Google where over 85% carries all internet searches. Computer Construction Company has been successfully providing search engine optimization to business websites since 2001. No matter who you hire to optimize your website, please make sure they show up in the search engines themselves. For years they have continued to beat their own competition, so just think what they can do to yours! Computer Construction Company provides WordPress website design as well as maintenance updates for companies.

Marie Fratoni/Get Clients Everywhere

Marie Fratoni, M.Ed. is a talented human potential expert and a top reinvention strategist. She is a dynamic Coach and Speaker, and brings a wealth of talent and experience to her programs, demonstrating a high level of commitment and expertise.

LUCRATIVE LADIES: Celebrating Our Success is hosted by Jeanne’ Smith (Ultra Touch  Cleaning), Stacey Gross (Favorite Place Travel) and Theresa Conklin (Pinnacle  Custom Signs). Highlighting women business owners and the companies they run, Lucrative Ladies gives a ”voice” to the women  leaders in our business community.

Phillip Saxton with Small Business Samaritans, Steve Neblett with Money Mailer of Greater Gwinnett and Nic Greene and Melissa Cammack with Nicholas Greene Agency Nationwide Insurance

Phillip Saxton/Small Business Samaritans

Phillip Saxton is the President and Founder of Small Business Samaritans, an organization that is dedicated to come alongside business owners to help generate sales through personal development, training and sales assistance. In addition, Small Business Samaritans provides consulting and mentoring services to business owners and non-profit organizations.

Mr. Saxton is also President and Owner of MiTowne, a company dedicated to helping small businesses in business development, advertising, marketing and sales generation. He concentrates his efforts in one-on-one training and group sales training because his observation is that lack of sales ability and good communication is the primary reason for business failure.

Steve Neblett/Money Mailer of Greater Gwinnett

Money Mailer of Greater Gwinnett is a locally owned and operated, direct response marketing firm based in Suwanee. Their cost-effective marketing solutions help all types of businesses attract and keep more customers and their targeted approach ensures that their clients are getting their message to the neighborhoods and homes they truly want to reach for just pennies per home.

A well-recognized and respected leader in the direct marketing industry, Money Mailer has been helping business owners since 1979. Call 770-686-0531 for a free, no obligation consultation today.

Nic Greene & Melissa Cammack/Nicholas Greene Agency Nationwide Insurance

The Nicholas Greene Agency is a FULL service Insurance Agency. The agency is much more than a property and casualty insurance company. In addition to car and home insurance, Nic writes commercial insurance and provides a wide array of financial services. He is On Your Side certified!

Chris Reese with Cirrus Business Group, Greg Allen with A&C Consulting Group and Stacey Gross with Favorite Place Travel

Chris Reese/Cirrus Business Group

Cirrus Business Group was formed to help organizations create true shareholder value and be great places to work. They do this through creating clarity, alignment, effective teams, and effective systems. They have assembled a team with a passion for delivering tangible results that create a true financial return for the organization. They call their process “Business Optimization.”

Chris Reese has over 18 years of successful experience in organization development and operations. He is passionate about developing management teams to build great organizations. Prior to entering consulting, Chris was Founder, President, and CEO of i3 Voice & Data, Inc., a wholesale telecommunications provider with over 20 carrier and cable company clients in the USA and United Kingdom operating from 2004 to late 2008. Before i3, Chris served in various roles as President and VP of Operations for companies, brought in by investors to turn around companies through better efficiency and departmental cooperation. Chris is a recipient of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Mathematics and Science Award and has been published in the Wall Street Journal as a State Advisor for the Small Business Advisory Council. He is also a sought after keynote speaker on leadership and management.

Greg Allen/A&C Consulting Group

A&C Consulting Group is an Independent Accountant providing full service bookkeeping for small and medium businesses using QuickBooks, Peachtree, Quantum and other Intuit & Sage products.

Greg Allen completed his education at Merrimack College, the number two school for accounting education in New England during the mid 80’s. Greg began his career as an accounts payable clerk advancing with each new position to Controller/CFO. He has worked for various companies in different industries such as banking, government, manufacturing, distribution, computer information technology and software firms. In 2001, Greg started A&C Consulting Group where they apply the real world knowledge they have gained working in the business arena and use that to help your company grow. Since then, the company has helped small & medium businesses get control of their finances and streamline procedures.

Stacey Gross/Favorite Place Travel

Favorite Place Travel was birthed out of a passion for living and a passion for seeing how other people live. When we travel, whether to a foreign country, a theme park, or even just across state borders, we are exposed to many different people, people different than those we see everyday. We can learn from those people, what to do and, in some cases, what not to do.

At Favorite Place Travel, they love to go to different places, but they also appreciate the familiarity of visiting the same location, like visiting an old friend. They love to experience places in a way that is different than the typical tourist. Why take a bus tour through Paris when you can hop on a bike and ride your way through town? Why stay in a hotel in New York City when you can rent an apartment for a few days and live like the locals live?

Favorite Place Travel wants to help you experience your favorite places around the globe! They can take the stress out of planning that trip to Disney World, Caribbean cruise or vacation to Europe, so contact them with your list of Places to See, and they’ll turn that dream vacation into a reality!

LUCRATIVE LADIES: Celebrating Our Success (May 9)

LUCRATIVE LADIES: Celebrating Our Success is hosted by Jeanne’ Smith (Ultra Touch  Cleaning), Stacey Gross (Favorite Place Travel), Theresa Conklin (Pinnacle  Custom Signs) and Erica Wimberly (EW Services). Highlighting women business  owners and the companies they run, Lucrative Ladies gives a ”voice” to the women  leaders in our business community.

Jeanne' Smith, Erica Wimberly, Mernice Oliver, Theresa Conklin, Lori Crook, Suzanne Holtkamp

Suzanne Holtkamp/Holtkamp Heating & Air

Holtkamp Heating & Air is a full service HVAC company delivering comfort to customers throughout Gwinnett and surrounding counties. Fast service, options for every budget and a Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty are a few of the features that have earned Holtkamp “Best of Gwinnett” for the past four years.

Lori Crook/Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance has been in business since 1912. They work with all types of insurance all over the world. Responsibility is their policy.

Mernice Oliver/Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay believes that beauty is more than just the way a woman looks – it’s also an expression of how she feels. From characteristics that make her unique and unforgettable, to the way she touches the lives of those around her, to the products she uses to enhance her natural beauty. A Mary Kay Beauty Consultant is there to guide her because no one understands better that women are beautiful – inside and out!

Wendy Brant with Anchor Home Mortgage, David Post with Care for Cops and Marie Fratoni with Reinvent Yourself Seminars

Wendy Brant/Anchor Home Mortgage

Anchor Home Mortgage is a full-service broker. They work with banks all over the country to bring the best programs with great rates to their borrowers. Their entire team is committed to providing their clients with a world-class service experience along with the lowest interest rates available, period. Their outstanding mortgage professionals will work with you one on one to ensure that your financial solution is tailored specifically to meet your needs. Whether you are purchasing your dream home, refinancing an outstanding loan, or consolidating debt, their highly experienced team of loan officers can help you find the right loan program at the lowest possible rate no matter what your needs may be. Their ultimate goal is to create lasting relationships with each of their clients so they may continue providing excellent service for many years to come.

David Post/Care for Cops

Every day those in law enforcement risk their lives to protect us. The rising numbers of officer deaths in recent years has made us aware of the sacrifices we ask these men and women to make every day. Together we can help families of fallen officers in their time of need.

Care for Cops is a non-profit organization that has provided direct financial assistance to more than twenty-eight families since 2004. They provide direct financial assistance to families that have lost a loved one, helping to:

  • Provide resources in times of great need
  • Bridge the financial gap when a loved one is lost
  • Acknowledge the sacrifices made by law enforcement officers in Georgia

Law enforcement officers deserve to have the peace of mind of knowing their families will receive the assistance needed if they are killed in the line of duty.

Marie Fratoni/Reinvent Yourself Seminars

Reinvent Yourself Seminars is a Coaching and Training Company which supports people in creating happy, fulfilling careers. They provide speaking engagements, skill-building seminars, 1-on-1 Coaching, and vacation-courses in Italy where people develop success skills and business growth strategies to make the leap from “same old, same old” to a thriving and prosperous career or business.

Marie Fratoni, M.Ed. is a talented human potential expert and a top reinvention strategist. She is a dynamic Coach and Speaker, and brings a wealth of talent and experience to her programs, demonstrating a high level of commitment and expertise.