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David Rhines with White Dog Productions, Rebecca Paden with ThermaLife, and Matt Crowley and Jon Chuckery with Scotts Lawn Service

Mike Sammond, Rebecca Paden, Jon Chuckery, David Rhines, Matt Crowley, Steven Julian

Mike Sammond, Rebecca Paden, Jon Chuckery, David Rhines, Matt Crowley, Steven Julian

David Rhines/White Dog Productions

Being ready for anything and understanding the video world is critically important to the success of your project. Whether you are shooting small indoor video shoots or  network “live” remote productions, the prompter company you choose needs to be able to deliver in all situations.

White Dog Productions is just that kind of company. Their background is Technical Production and they understand the small and the large productions. Their operators come ready to set up and integrate their equipment into the technical set up as well as trouble shoot if that becomes necessary. They always bring backup prompters, not just computers on site at no cost to the client. They are happy to talk to your technical producer or engineer about your production so they can have their equipment setup exactly as you need it. If you want piece of mind and a level of expertise that goes beyond scrolling, White Dog is the first and only call you need to make.

???????????????????????????????Dr. Rebecca Paden/ThermaLife

ThermaLife uses medical Thermography as a method of research for early pre-clinical diagnosis. Thermography is a non-invasive, non-contact tool that uses the heat from your body to aid in making diagnosis of a host of health care conditions. Thermography is completely safe and uses no radiation. Thermal imaging systems are an economical easy-to-use tool for examining and monitoring patients quickly and accurately.

A doctor can use Thermology image maps to determine if abnormal hot or cold areas are present. These hot and cold areas can relate to a number of conditions for which the FDA, Bureau of Medical Devices has approved the thermography procedure. These include, the screening for breast cancer, extra-cranial vessel disease (head and neck vessels), neuro-musculo-skeletal disorders and vascular disease of the lower extremities.

John Chuckery and Matt Crowley, Scott's Lawn Service

Matt Crowley & Jon Chuckery/Scotts Lawn Service

Put down the backbreaking lawn tools and kick up your feet. A lush, green lawn with more freedom to enjoy it is coming soon.

Let Scotts Lawn Service worry about the weeds, the regular feedings, the bare spots and pests. You water and mow—they’ll take it from there, using Scotts professional products that no one else has.

Let their trained field staff provide a free price quote and conduct a detailed lawn analysis to learn your lawn’s strengths and challenges. What they learn helps them create a customized treatment program to help your lawn grow thick and green this year

Charitable Giving: Expert Tips from Donna Barwick, Ty Tippett, and Stephen Berman on Radio Show “Wealth Matters” by Adam Gaslowitz and Craig Frankel

Craig Frankel, Adam Gaslowitz, Stephen Berman, Donna Barwick, Ty Tippett

Craig Frankel, Adam Gaslowitz, Stephen Berman, Donna Barwick, Ty Tippett

How much of the charitable planning should be tax-motivated and how much should be purpose-motivated? What is the difference between various forms of charitable giving? If you ever ask yourself these or similar questions, this episode of “Wealth Matters”, the radio show where we discuss the opportunities and challenges of preserving and managing wealth is for you!

During this debut of “Wealth Matters”, attorneys Adam Gaslowitz and Craig Frankel interview Donna Barwick, Ty Tippett and Stephen Berman on the topic of Charitable Giving. The show is filled with important tips and hints of giving from both wealth management perspective and the perspective of effectively making a difference in the community.

???????????????????????????????ABOUT DONNA BARWICK: As a Senior Fiduciary Officer at Wilmington Trust Company, Donna brings to the table more than three decades of experience in trusts and estate planning. She previously served as a senior director in BNY Mellon’s Wealth Management group in Atlanta, specializing in wealth management and estate planning strategies for high-networth clients.

Donna shared that she gets to advise her clients not only how to give, but also what to give to. Donna recommends to utilize the Community Foundation in Atlanta as a great tool to find philanthropic organizations to support. Donna also started a great conversation during the show with this opinion: “If dollars don’t make a difference, donors will not stay engaged, so charities should let donors know how donations are used.

Ty Tippett, Shepherd Center FoundationABOUT TY TIPPETT: Ty Tippett is a fundraising professional who is an AV-rated attorney with more than 20 years of experience in the private practice of law and 6 1/2 years in wealth management with a large regional bank. Serving as the Senior Director, Planned Gifts at Shepherd Center Foundation, Ty has been placing a particular emphasis on wills, trusts and estates.

Ty’s advice to his clients who consider donating to the Shepherd Center Foundation, as he shared during the interview, is to learn more about the Center and get involved as a volunteer to see what difference each dollar makes within the community. He also revealed how he got involved with the Shepherd Center Foundation and how it became his “biggest blessing.”

???????????????????????????????ABOUT STEPHEN BERMAN: Founder and Managing Partner at Stephen M. Berman and Associates, Stephen has been a recognized expert and authority in tax strategy, including income tax, estate tax, charitable gift planning and business-related matters. His greatest asset is a creative approach to solving complex tax matters for high-networth individuals, corporate executives, families, LLCs, partnerships, trusts and estates.

Stephen shared with us that he recommends to his clients to “pick the passion with a need and find the right tools to make it happen.” Stephen said “if you don’t have a heart call to make a difference, don’t do charitable giving.” Listen the interview to find out why.

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Donna Barwick website

Donna Barwick phone: 404-760-2104

Donna Barwick email:

Stephen Berman website: 

Stephen Berman phone: 404-262-2181

Stephen Berman email:

Ty Tippett website:

Ty Tippett phone: 404-350-7308

Ty Tippett email:

Gaslowitz Frankel LLC is an experienced trial practice firm specializing in all aspects of complex fiduciary litigation, representing individuals, companies, banks, and fiduciaries in will, trust, and estate disputes; investor and financial advisor disputes; shareholder/partnership disputes; contract disputes; complex commercial disputes; and appeals.
Estate-related fiduciary litigation:- Will Disputes
– Estate Disputes
– Trust Disputes
– Business Litigation
– Guardianships and Conservatorships
– Appeals
– Alternative Dispute Resolution

Business-related fiduciary litigation:

– Shareholder / Partnership Disputes
– Oppression of Minority Shareholders
– Conversion / Misappropriation of Corporate Assets
– Business Divorces

Securities and investment arbitration and litigation:

– Breach of Fiduciary Duty
– Churning, Excessive and Unauthorized Trading
– Unsuitable Investments
– Elder Financial Abuse
– Failure to Diversify Investments
– Failure to Supervise Brokers
– Improper and High Pressure Annuity Sales
– Private Placements and Limited Partnerships
– Non-traded REITS
– 401k, IRA, and other Pension / Retirement Abuse
– Ponzi Schemes and other Investment Frauds

Veronica Maldonado with Georgia Mentor Protege Connection, Renae Keitt with ARK Temporary Staffing and Aise Cannon with Georgia Campus PCOM

Brandon Keever, Aise Cannon, Renae Keitt, Veronica Maldonado, Mike Sammond

Brandon Keever, Aise Cannon, Renae Keitt, Veronica Maldonado, Mike Sammond

Veronica Maldonado/Georgia Mentor Protege Connection

The Georgia Mentor Protégé Connection (MPC) is a business development program  administered by the Georgia Education Foundation (GEF) in partnership with the  Department of Economic Development and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Emerging  firms who are accepted into the program have an opportunity to make tremendous strides  in areas such as business acumen, methods and procedures, competitiveness and capability.

In addition, MPC enables Georgia small businesses to benefit from a partnership with a  corporate mentor for a period of one year. Emerging firms can build relationships, explore  new technologies, learn about best practices, and benefit from the wisdom of corporate executives who are committed to the long-term health and overall growth of small businesses in Georgia. The goal of the program is to help small businesses to be successful over the long haul by helping them to develop capacity, enhance their skill sets, and become more competitive. Research has shown that access to the right kind of coaching and mentoring significantly increases the success rate in small business, while both the mentor and the protégé benefit tremendously from their interaction.

Renae Keitt/ARK Temporary Staffing

???????????????????????????????ARK Temporary Staffing  is a leading provider of staffing services providing reliable, quality temporary and permanent personnel for business and government  agencies since 2004. With over fifty years of combined staffing experience, the company has the resources to  provide each customer with world-class attention and superior customer service.


Aise Cannon/Georgia Campus PCOM

???????????????????????????????The GA Campus PCOM (Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine) is dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive programs, each distinguished by a leading-edge curriculum and experienced, expert faculty. Guided by osteopathic medical tradition, concept and practice, they deliver a uniquely holistic education, as each program considers all areas of disciplines. They are constantly seeking ways to enhance their curricula, ensuring that each program remains current and relevant.  It is a commitment to excellence that prepares their students well to meet the needs of a  rapidly changing healthcare environment. The college offers not only a doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine but in Pharmacy, as well as a Master’s in Biomedical Sciences.

Pam Blatchford and Wendy Ryoul with Solutions Marketing, Criss Maple with Champion Windows and Steve Kendrick with Infiniti of Gwinnett

Steven Julian, Mike Sammond, Wendy, Pam, Steve Kendrick, Criss Maple

Steven Julian, Mike Sammond, Wendy Ryoul, Pam Blatchford, Steve Kendrick, Criss Maple

Pam Blatchford & Wendy Ryoul/Solutions Marketing

Solutions Marketing offers unique marketing solutions for your business! They know  marketing is imperative when it comes to gaining the attention of prospective consumers and clients, developing products or service demand, and turning those prospective consumers into customers. Marketing has an effect on sales, pricing and promotions as well as your advertising strategies.

Criss Maple/Champion Windows of Atlanta 

Without a quality product backed by excellent customer service, a business will not realize  great success. Champion Windows of Atlanta sets their standards of quality, value and customer service to the highest degree. They go the distance to ensure your experience with Champion is a pleasurable one, from the initial purchase to installation and years later, you will find them ready and willing to serve you.

Steve Kendrick/Infiniti of Gwinnett

A new car is where need meets desire. Anything that runs can get you from Point A to Point  B. But you’re not just anyone and you don’t want just anything. That’s where Infiniti of Gwinnett comes in.  The expert sales staff at their Atlanta Infiniti dealership will help you  pick the new car, truck or SUV with the options, and at the price, that make the vehicle right  for you. Treating you with courtesy and ensuring your satisfaction is important. With a large inventory and competitive prices, they’re confident they can  meet your automotive needs and desires. They welcome the opportunity to add you to their long list of satisfied customers who’ve shopped at the Infiniti dealer in Duluth, GA.

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INDIGO INSIGHTS: Tyler Williams with Tyler Williams Live

Tyler Williams and Indigo Triplett

Tyler Williams/Tyler Williams Live

???????????????????????????????Tyler Williams is a transition coach based out of Athens, GA. Tyler believes we all have a  unique voice and when we connect that voice to the world around us, we all win. The coaching  process creates opportunity for significant life change by raising self-awareness, increasing  motivation and using accountability to fully experience life around us. Tyler is passionate  about helping people uncover their voice, helping clients to live life at their highest level. He  primarily works with those facing life transitions. A complimentary session is offered to those  interested in learning more about the coaching process. For more information visit

Fenski Automotive, Hi-Hope Service Center, Gwinnett County Health and Human Services and Suwanee Magazine

Mike Sammond, Angie Veugeler, Rachel Fasig, Pat Baker, Susan Boldan Butts, Kimberly Shupe, Joe Fenski, Steven Julian

Mike Sammond, Angie Veugeler, Rachel Fasig, Pat Baker, Susan Boldan Butts, Kimberly Shupe, Joe Fenski, Steven Julian

Joe Fenski and Kimberly Shupe/Fenski Automotive

???????????????????????????????Fenski Automotive Center is conveniently located and now celebrating 10 years at 1010 Peachtree Industrial  Boulevard in Sugar Hill! Since 2004, they have provided complete auto repair services on your domestic, Asian and  European vehicles with the goal of helping you keep them up to 300,000 worry-free miles as they are designed to do. They understand the value of preventive maintenance and their industry certified technicians strive to offer each customer a consultation they can trust. Fenski Automotive Center… Helping you LOVE  your vehicle much longer than your loan!

Susan Boland Butts/Hi-Hope Service Center

???????????????????????????????Hi-Hope Service Center provides services to adults with developmental disabilities in  Gwinnett County.  Over 50 years ago the parents of six young students from Gwinnett County founded one of the first organizations in Georgia to teach children with intellectual disabilities. The Hi-Hope Service Center, formerly known as Gwinnett County Association  for Retarded Citizens, was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in 1960. Under the capable leadership of Vinie Lowry, and support from many parents and the  greater Gwinnett community, construction of a special needs school was completed in  1970. In the late 1990s when all student programs, including the pre-school program, were integrated into the public schools, Hi-Hope successfully transitioned to an organization supporting developmentally disabled adults. Currently, Hi-Hope supports 108 individuals through its weekday community access, employment and residential group home programs.

Pat Baker/Gwinnett County Health and Human Services

???????????????????????????????Gwinnett County Health and Human Services is a division in Community Services. HHS is  made up of Gwinnett Senior Services (four senior multipurpose centers – Buford, Norcross,  Lawrenceville and Centerville), two human services centers (One -Stops in Buford and  Norcross) and one community center (Centerville). The One-Stops offer many different  programs and house non-profits and service agencies.  The services offered by Senior  Services (those over the age of 60) are congregate meals, home-delivered meals, several different transportation programs, homemaker services, care management, information and assistance, and a wide variety of opportunities to volunteer. The Centerville Community Center offers a wide variety of programming for all ages.

Angie Veugeler and Rachel Fasig/Suwanee Magazine

???????????????????????????????Suwanee Magazine is a family, community & lifestyle magazine designed to keep pace and  flow with the active Suwanee lifestyle. Distributing over 20,000 free copies bi-monthly to hundreds of businesses and locations in the Suwanee area, the magazine shares insight with its readers and focuses on their unique interests. Suwanee Magazine devotes sections pertaining to the best of dining, shopping, music, local personalities, business, industry and everything in between that impacts the Suwanee area and beyond. Each month new  businesses emerge, new trends develop, new leaders move to the community forefront and Suwanee Magazine is there to keep you connected!

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