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Curated Collection Of The Best Interviews From Our Gwinnett Studio

Darcie McNamara with Priority1 POS, Bob Farris with Commodore Corporate and Cecil Powell with The Firm Answer

Cecil Powell, Darcie McNamara, Bob Farris

Darcie McNamara/Priority1 POS

Priority1 POS started over 6 years ago and is located in Downtown Buford in a 4,000 square foot facility where all set-up, training and implementation is done locally with “feet on the street”. They not only specialize in Point of Sale solutions but also merchant processing so you are calling one person for all your cash management solutions.


Bob Farris/Commodore Corporate

Commodore Corporate specializes in identifying a client’s particular needs to provide funding for business transactions and growth. They locate and secure the necessary sources to meet funding needs so their clients can pursue long term growth objectives. They are a low overhead operation with access to contacts in various financial markets, equity, debt, hybrid vehicles, mezzanine, leasing, sale/lease back, asset based loans and more. They match their client’s need to the right type of funding. Commodore Corporate partners with you to provide financial and strategic relationship services to promote long term growth whether you need short or long term funding for commercial transactions.

Cecil Powell/The Firm Answer

The Firm Answer is a finder of funds for people who have need of funds for a business reason. They are a low overhead operation with contacts in various money markets, equity, debt, hybrid vehicles, mezzanine, leasing, sale/lease back, ABL, more…. They match the need to the type of funding.